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Victory over the Sun, 2015

vos1       vos3  vos2

Result of a research into energy harvesting. A wearable of recycled jeans material.


Integrated in this wearable are a dynamo and a solar cell. But this is not just another solar dress! You can play a game with a dynamo, hand crank, against a solar cell. The dress gives you an impression how much energy you can generate yourself – not too much – compared to the teh energy of sunlight! And thus it makes you more aware of energy – and makes you use the available energy more consciously.

The technology is becoming complicated, with 2 microcontrollers, supercaps for storing the energy of the 2 opponents and LTC3105 chips for recovering and really using the generated energy after ending the game.


Top, 2015


Geometric top from pentagons. Added is a a simple behavior of three LED’s reacting on an LDR light sensor.
Model: Jasna Rokegem

Knitted Talking Timer, 2015


If you want to talk to as many people as possible and make other participants do the same you can use this nice knitted ribbon with a timer inside. Starting a conversation you touch the two grey area’s (conductive yarn) and the LED goes red, after 5 minutes it will be green again, indicating you should start find another person to talk to. If it stays green for too long, it will starts vibration to push you on finding another talking partner.

Knitted band with two rings of conductive thread which can switch on a timer for 5 minutes.


Social Wind, 2015

2015-01-27 10.47.452015-01-27 10.47.12 soc1

This coat is a discourse with the black spine warming dress of Marina Toeters – The color is in the other extreme, bright yellow. The function is to cool and not to warm up. Besides cooling the functional electronics is especially concentrated in modules which can be removed easily. The sleeves are made for carrying more modules, like one of LED-panels.

Material: bright yellow fleece. At the back side there are ventilators for cooling. Integrated two sensors for temperature and humidity. A study about using modules of electronics wrapped in fabric materials.

scripts for ventilators:

Je suis, 2015

jeSuis1       je_suis

jeSuis2    je_suis(back)

Political project starting as “Je suis Charlie” end continuing as “Je suis”. A signal from a distance sensor makes the texts visible, later on the texts will disappear. Used fonts: free retro 8-bits fonts. Middle plate: 8 bits hands in the Hands of God configuration (Michelangelo). There is an LED in this plate shining out the morse code for the word “peace”.

Solar Rim Dress, 2013

Captura de pantalla 2014-04-23 a la(s) 20.37.05

Dress which makes the activity of the Sun visible on 64 LED’s in a circle. The data are publicly available on the site of the NASA and coded into the circle.

Model: Jasna Rokegem

Supernova t-shirt and trousers, 2014

Captura de pantalla 2014-09-14 a la(s) 11.47.53 su5  su3  sp

Datavisualisation of Open Source Astronomy DATA of Supernova discoveries. Trouser: lasercutting data on linen. T-shirt: LED panels behind a printed version of the Microwave background radiation on t-shirt.

Hell Being Well Being 2013

(with Marina Toeters)

Captura de pantalla 2014-04-23 a la(s) 21.05.34   14

This project is documented. We wanted to study the way to design a scarf with regard to recycling the product

A Knitted scarf of polyesther yarn with a pollution sensor.






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