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E-Textile Swatchbook 2013 in MAK

For the e-textile summercamp 2013 Hannah Perner-Wilson had the idea of making samples and exchanging these samples within the group. This book of samples was called the Swatchbook. Now this book and the samples can be seen at the MAK, “Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst in Wien”.


You can see the Swatchbook in action here:

My contribution was titled “Exobag”. It is a storytelling item with coming journeys to exoplanets in mind.
No doubt you have seen the landing in 2005 of a probe on Titan, moon of Saturn: eg (Someone thought it appropriate to have an orchestra playing Beethoven during the landing???)

swatch2 eb30

Nowadays thousands of planets are discovered around stars in the neighborhood of the Sun. Imagining voyages to these planets, sometimes with 2 or even more Suns, I made the “Exobag”.
This piece of green and camouflage textile should remind you of Earth, while doing a picknick along a lake of frozen Ammonia. When a cloud of Sulfur dichloride (for example) shifts between you and the several Sun’s, the bag will start flashing green: reminding you of back home. When returned to the Earth (after several decades of lightspeed travel) our civilization will be long gone, and everything with it. So you can recycle the tiny computer (Attiny13) in the Exobag and start evolution again 🙂

Making of the Exobag in 24 copies was a challenge. Being a artist-prototyper, having to standardize and mass produce meant redoing things (too) many times…

You can just discover the Exobag in this picture of the Museum Exhibit:

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-10 a la(s) 17.52.00

A detail from this bigger picture:

Captura de pantalla 2014-06-11 a la(s) 07.02.32