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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Night of the Nerds 2014

Contrechoc presented at

print screen beurs notn

A panoramic view where the Contrechoc table is in the center.

The presentation is showing various research items to give an idea of the complexity of e-textile design.


The solar rim dress with laptop showing images of the Sun rotating. The images are sent to the dress. Two images for every day from Januari, 2014 were shown to see the differences in display.


Also the E-textile swatchbook was shown.


In front the public could experiment with thermo chromic effects and at the right side you could explore static electricity on different conductive materials.


Conductive materials from the e-textile summercamp 2013 doggy bag.


In the middle the solar cap, which can be harvested for a solar cell and an related motor. This motor with black feathers glued on it was given power from an arduino board. When rotating the feathers collected static electricity. This was indicated by the darlington array:


The static electricity explorer: a darlington array. The 2014 contrechoc swatchbook contribution.