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Interactive Prints and knittings

Interactive prints is an experiment to transfer the interactivity of wearables into the domain of graphical design, like etching. This resulted in an experimental installation in Studio Minnigh.

ik4 ik3

The second stage was solving the problem of the electronics at the backside of the print. Although tiny, it still needs some space. With knittings as a frame not only the space for the electronic is secured, but also the texture of the knitting is adding to the print it’s color and feeling.

ig2 ig4 kn1

Other experiments were getting a motor to rotate a long sheet of printed paper when somebody is approaching: the first version is still working with a lego mindstorms, the second is having its proper circuit on a attiny85.

ig10 ig9

Having some foam lying around this phantasy around a switch is made:





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