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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Contrechoc presents: the Solar Rim Dress photo shoot

With a nice team we did a shoot of the solar rim dress (see former posts):

Jasna Rokegem, model, styling, fashion advice.
Tash Berting, photo’s.
Contrechoc, dress concept, dress design and electronics.

Here some pictures:



Spine warming lingerie

Ever wanted a gently warming up of your most precious inner feelings conducted from your lower back to your neck?

Now this is possible in a sophisticated design of Marina Toeters, energy circuit provided by contrechoc.

spine-heating-lingerie designed the lingerie with a heating strip at the back.

(Heating strip from materials. Connection strip: copper mesh.)

Contrechoc made the circuitry where the energy is provided by 4 lipo batteries. The batteries are hidden in a belt and carried on your back.

About more details on warming up see this instructable by contrechoc:


Coding available at: