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NASA Challenge, final result

As a final result the vest in presentation stage.

The improvements where:

  • The vest has an incredible nice lining now, so we can really wear it without getting entangled in the electronics.
  • The center big LED is glowing nicely and reacting if there is an exoplanet entered (by using the wii remote inside the felted Kepler Space Telescope) which is habitable.
  • The Liquid Crystal use their backlight to indicate which exoplanet is habitable (by blinking)
  • On the concept side: the vest is now a means to adopt exoplanets to make them less lonely.
  • There still is no page for inserting your names to adopt an exoplanet

For the rest working with the Raspberry Pi in this crowded environment proved difficult: it became slow, and we had to use a list of exoplanet which was already downloaded (making it less updatable).

Thanks to the team!!!:

  • Anja
  • Meg
  • Amran





Pictures of details: (coming)



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