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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Glow (embroidery) experiment

Having made, years ago a lino cut print of a software game I made, i decided to do a remake in glow in the dark embroidery. First I was using the thread of Mindsets:

nitelight glow

and UV thread

But the thread was breaking all the time.

I told the local sewing machine shop my problem and they sold me the Gutermann thread.

(for instance: )

This is about 5 euro’s and it down’t break (sometimes anyway).


Rather important is the preparation of the print in the software of the Pfaff embroidery machine. Reducing the colors and simplifying the image. (We use the 4D ssuite).

Three pictures of the experiments:

(We didn’t try to recreate the same colors as the print.)

cap cap

The picture of the glos effect in the dark is even after some Photoshop enhancement not really the effect it has on the human eye. The glow is somewhat more powerful, certainly in the beginning and the color is more reddish. The colors of the Gutermann thread diminish in the low situation and the glow is more or less of the same color.

By the way, the print was a result of a picture I took of a bug in a digital game, I made in 1999, the game was called Quinck, and it was made in 2D Director. The algorithm was not yet righ, but the pictures of a rotation were certainly more exiting than when it was “like reality”.

Wir haben den ganzen Tag gehofft

When you are at the border between signs without meaning and signs with acquired meaning, you like spots of color, faint traces on a wall, textures, simple drawings, combinations of words and drawings and so on.
So also small bits of texts in other languages. The other language seems to carry a lot of meaning. More than the same words in your own language. This is the domain of autonomous art. It must be an aberration of the mind, or just the most important thing in the universe: making stories out of nothing.

So: “wir hoffen” in German, wir hoffen noch immer, wir haben den ganzen Tag gehoft. And that is exactly what we did, the whole day doing embroideries, and hoping, against all odds, that we would be able to find the key to the solutions of all problems in this silly drawing text combination.

The more the embroidery machine didn’t do what we wanted it to do, the more we hoped.

In the end we found the key to the solutions of all problems in another drawing in embroidery without a bit of text. But since this embroidery is too valuable to give away like that, I don’t show it of course!

But if you follow the road of pictures, you might find a clue…

cap cap
cap cap
cap cap
cap cap
cap cap
cap cap