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Monthly Archives: June 2012


A friend posted a link to a website commenting on the fact that a drawing of the artist Escher resembled the universe:
I was bold enough to comment (in Dutch) that luckily the drawing of Escher didn’t expand like we think the universe does.

This was not so smart of me, because after that remark the universe (or the drawing) took revenche in an incredible way.
The sewing machine started making this embroidery:


which looks rather innocent as it represents the artists toilet. I was wondering why this machine was embroidering so diligently, till I rotated the image:


Now the image shows clearly what I have never suspected before: the infinity sign is even present in the artist toilet. This infinity sign is the fingerprint of our mathematical universe…and also parallel universes and wormholes are easily observable!

We can conclude from this revenge that the universe is one, we are all one and what we think influences immediately the other side of the universe (of course).

One final remark: this infinity sign is only visible for the male user of the toilet. Which was what the thinkers from the Middle Ages already knew (before the toilet ever existed).


Prepairing a bag…

This is the concept:
A (not so suspicously looking) bag will contain sensors that measure several data on pollution, temperature, radiation.
The goal is to have an independent source of what I am exposed to.
Also the data are gathered locally, not using a satelite, so the car driving next to my bicycle can be monitored.

To manage all the data, and to store these data on a SD card, adding the longitude and latitude, and time, we need several microprocessors. The microprocessors have to talk to each other, it will be a happy communicating bunch (with quite a lot of wiring).

Also the bag has four displays, one of which is a RGB (8×8) LED matrix.

The collected data will be sent wireless to a computer using RF12, when there is a laptop around which can receive.

Why not directly to a server using the internet? Well we are a bit suspicious, if there is a direct connection, somebody can hack it. So data collection will be done locally, and isolated.

First we made a test with the liquid displays and the RGB matrix.



Then we tested the GPS SDcard combination seperately on a bicycle tour.


Then we had an array of sensors lined up:

What is left is to put this all together.
A bag is a wonderful thing, to put all this gear in a garment would be a little bit too much (maybe later if all has micro size…).
Also the power consumption is a bit outrageous, so the bag is also needed to carry the batteries.