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Weaving and 3D printing (?)

Yes, whatever…(there were a lot of “COOL” sounds with every result, especially the total failures, a bit like the embarrasing situation that already the tuning of a sitar by an Indian sitarplayer in concert provokes a big applause from Western people.)

In a DEAF workshop

we mixed 3D printing of Ultimakers with textiles and/or weaving. We worked in a group of around 5 or 6 (never quite sure) at the same 3D printer. We were asked to work together on this theme of mixing 3D printing and weaving. This collaboration in our group was a bit of a very polite anti clash of different opinions, styles, ideas, thoughts of the members of this group. Polite anti-clash means that everybody in this group was aware that everybody was so different that actually we could never agree to work together on something, and we accepted that.

In this void there still was some cooperation and the energetic assistance of Joris made us produce two halves of his world famous vase at two 3D printers side by side during the first day. These double 3D prints were connected by human hair inserted manually between the layers coming from the nozzle of the Ultimaker, see pictures. We assembled blond and dark hair from the other workshop participants and inserted it between the layers.

This weaving together with blond and dark hair of a black and a white shape was supposed to be the knitting together of different cultures. Yes, even experimentally we had quite distinct universal ambitions!

The next day we did another shape with imploded sides, and used UV hairs (yes there was somebody with UV sensitive and even glow in the dark hair amongst the participants – these designers!) to reshape these imploded sides. This small shape with UV fabric on two sides was all we could do before being thrown out of the room by a enormous bunch of balloon driven people, heading straight for a table with not very alcoholic drinks.

Some other members of our group were, Asami Kiuchi, Florence Bost and Ricardo …. missing some names, but – did we ever introduced ourselves properly in this group?

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