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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Lumpenhochzeit or Wedding in rags

German friends invited me for their Lumpenhocheit party. Lumpen means rags in English. So one interpretation is a beggars wedding, another view could be that after 35 years of knowing each other, all the charm of the relationship is “in rags”.

Of course some appropriate dressing was obligatory, but this depends on which interpretation you choose for.

A jacket at least: taking the most expensive jacket apart was easy, joining the rags was more work. The parts were locked using grey thread and a dark patch was used between the parts.

One problem remaining: how to make this Frankenstein jacket “smart”?

I thought of putting a motor in one of the pocket, letting it spin from time to time, causing the effect of a living, moving, screaming mouse inside the rags.

What about LED’s? With LED’s there is the usual problem: how to avoid the Christmas tree effect of these blinking LED’s in clothing?

cap cap
cap cap

Then for the electronics, the joints came in handy to hide the LED’s, diminishing and shaping the light. Programming the chip, blinking fast for a short period of time, waiting for 10-15 seconds, caused an effect of “sparks” from a shortcut. The waiting time diminishes the bling to a minimum, and makes the sparks unexpected.

The hand is a LED add-on, I made with the lasercutter, it is the principle of a backlight LED.