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Infra red vest

Clothing is hiding visible parts of the body and in doing so makes the body itself invisible.

Instead of the body clothing boldly shows itself, its shape, color, texture, how it is made, what it wants. Clothing being a message and a signature of the designer adds to the shape and identity of the person wearing it.

But it is time to go one step further.

This infra red vest not only shows itself but is continually enriched by codes which are populating our environment all the time, without being detected by the human eye.

The codes of zero’s and one’s are sent in infra red and control most devices in our environment. This 38KHz communication channel is not like radio waves, which penetrate walls and buildings but the infra red is just active and contained in our spaces for living, rooms, kitchens. So infra red code is a bit like clothing, soft, pliable and very much attached to personal space. Some complicated devices are in constant contact with the remote controls themselves, reformulating in code this personal living space.

This vest showing the codes becomes even more a bridge between the body and the environment than normal clothing. With the remote controls you can even reach out from the vest to all the devices which are intended to make life of a human being bearable. This vest is weaving an invisible web between the body and living space.

cap cap
cap cap
cap The codes the shirt receives from different remote controls

How the infra red vest is coded can be found in this instructable: