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Twinkling winter cap

Winter in Holland! No snow, no ice, but endless rain. They say the people around the arctic have 29 words for snow, Dutch people have about the same number of words for rain.

Nonetheless Dutch people have a feeling of winter and how it should be.
For this winter we made a cap, a hat, an interactive knitting.

cap cap
cap cap

This cap is knitted with two colors white of two kinds of wool.
The first white is blueish and is used around the rim and on top, the second white is ‘warm white’, warm being relative to the blueish.
Also the two (artificial without doubt) materials have different fancy structures, difficult to describe in words, that is why pictures exists.

cap cap
cap cap

The cap gives an idea of warmth and cosiness in the cold.

When daylight diminishes it starts to twinkle. There are led’s inside the cap of a third kind of white.
The bright led’s diffuse their light in a subtle way in the white materials and reinforce the idea
of warmth within a cold environment.
(The pictures actually do not show the effect in the right way, to get the led’s visible on the images the effect is exaggerated.)

Making an interactive twinkling winter cap is described in this instructable:

The led’s can be programmed using a atmega328 chip, and are running on 2.8 Volts.


3D knitting body

A 3D knitting is a very robust material which has two layers with a distance of say 8 mm. This space is very fit for hiding wires, electronics and LED’s. provides us kindly with a piece of 3D knitting to experiment with. With the idea of protection a body was made of the 3D knitted fabric.

The fabric can be molded a bit at the backside with threads making the front squares of the fabric a bit smaller.

The edges of the fabric were sewn with black felt making a nice contrast of softness to the rather hard knitting.

camouflage camouflage
camouflage camouflage


The pattern of LED’s inside the fabric is that of a fractal tree. The LED’s are lighted by a atmega328 chip running on its own timer, with two batteries, a total of 3V.

Laser cutter shirt

With the logo of contrechoc a pattern was made and this pattern was cut into fabric using the small A4 lasercutter of

The small surface of the lasercutter was virtually extended by simple rolling up a strip of fabric near the sides. Two strips were used to make a shirt. The patterns cut out were lighted using 12 bright LED’s around the corners.

camouflage camouflage
camouflage camouflage