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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sonata for etching and lasercutter

In the days of Rembrandt etching was developed as the state of the art of technology.
Nowadays these age old techniques are combined with the state of the art today.

camouflage camouflage
camouflage camouflage

The lasercutter can both cut through paper and make lines in paper. The lasercutter making lines in the paper is comparable to the way the metal plate is prepared for etching. The plate is covered by a waxy varnis and lines are drawn in the varnis. These open lines will be deepenend, cut into the plate, by acid. These deepenend lines hold the ink while the surface of the plate can be cleaned. In a press these lines cause the ink to be transferred to the paper.

sonata sonata

Combining the etching and the lasercutter technique is done here using a common theme of the double bird. The drawing of the double bird is done on the plate by hand and using a file made in Adobe Illustrator for the lasercutter. Both ways give rise to very fine and thin lines.

The recurrence of the same theme in two techniques binds the image together, The text hybrid refers to the way of thinking, both traditional and contemporary. The double bird is an iconic reference to the hybrid use of techniques.The printing was done on a Van Ginkel Press and on a lasercutter ( and ).

sonata sonata

By the way the double bird is not just a monstrous outcome of our society, it is just an observation of two crows, accidentally overlapping and not yet separated by our brains 🙂

The resulting etch-lasercut, where the “BEAM” is cut through the paper.