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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Mood bonnet

This bonnet is watching your mood, it uses the posture of your head to deduce if it needs to cheer you up or tell you to go on in a happy mood.

The LED’s at the side register the horizon and store the number of times you drop your head. This dropping is compared to the number of times you look happily up, nose in the air.

This bonnet already has been made in 3 versions, but even now the design needs to be improved, we will make a knitted version soon.

The video below  shows the principle of the horizon, on a paper sun hat. This strange thing was replaced by a white version having ribbons on it to give room to the rather thick LED thing, and the batteries at the other side.

The circle cloth is chosen to camouflage the hard LED square a bit, but how nice this kind of dessin is for a skirt, it is rather strange for a bonnet.

Sometimes this searching for the right materials takes over the project, sometimes the technology drags on….this is the world of smart textiles!

Thx to Gera to do some modelling!


a line of LED’s showing the horizon


take care of yourself, maybe you are too sad!


happiness indicator!


two versions of the bonnet, the LED matrix runs on 2 AAA batteries, the chip has a tilt sensor attached.

and here is the video of the paper sun hat, showing only the horizontal line of LED’s, not the smileys:


A Butterfly

Not really soft this time in materials, but soft in concept.
What about a butterfly in your hair flapping it’s wings once in a while or after a flash?

(must become a commercial succes!)
so here is the instructable, with an AVR project based on a ATTINY45 for this butterfly.

In this instructable you can find details about code, tools, and components.



Starting a LED circle dress

Always difficult what to put in a post, the final result or the making of.

This time part of the making of, later on the result. The final result will be a dress made from felt having three flexible circles with LED’s built in, one in front, two at the back.

Here are a few images of the making of a circle of LED’s.

But there is a site which is much more appropriate to explain the making of:
So there it is: the instructable to make a flexible circle of LED’s

a few images:

led circle

led circle

led circle

led circle

led circle

led circle

Patterns will be added and….

The complete dress will be finished soon!