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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Party shirt revisited

Last year for a special occasion I made the EL-wire necktie on a shop shirt. The tie lights up in long and short bursts, doing a Morse code of some small pieces of silly text, every time another bit of text. Also these silly texts are sent around using an RF12.

party shirt

For a current occasion I added a graphical display, functioning as a name card. The name card of course has become alive, displaying a bouncing ball, the temperature, and the silly bits of text sent around in Morse code by the necktie.

Funny would be to meet another person with the nam ecard on the same FM frequency, then using the RF12 transceiver, the name card could exchange funny things wireless.

A temperature sensor is used to warn the person in the shirt if the temperature is over 40 degrees, danger of overheating! Get yourself a drink! Slowly the shirt is becoming a companion of the wearer, which is, after all the goal of this blog!

party shirt

In the last version the memory of the chip was somehow not fit anymore after all the libs I added, so that the sending around of the texts in FM (using a RF12 transceiver) does not function at the moment. Since the wireless exchange of funny things between the name cards¬† is imperative….this must be fixed as soon as possible!

party shirt

The shirt has a few modes, which are accessible using a soft button, the happy mode, doing all the Christmas tree functions it is capable of, a mode where the tie is quiet and a mode were the display is dimmed, but the tie is active. So you can attract attention for some time and then retreat in a low profile. The name card exchange can also be shut down, if the name card thinks there was enough social exchange.

party shirt

For the rest the party shirt works on 3 AA batteries, using an atmega328, Graphical display (the one which can be bought at with a ST7565.h library, the RF12 lib, also of, my own libs for the Morse code and a WordTimer.  These last libs are used to get two threads running for the Morse code text, so that the small ball on the display can do the bouncing independent of the sending of the Morse code.